Blockchain Ireland was founded in late 2015 to meet the growing need for a forum to discuss the ever-evolving topic of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The forum includes global blockchain technology companies, global organisations across all industries and sectors, academia, start-ups, IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Department of Finance, as well as participants of the wider Irish blockchain community.

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Ireland’s performance as a hub for Foreign Direct Investment is unrivalled throughout the world.

Ireland has a proven track record as a successful location for world-leading multinational companies from around the world. One-third of multinationals in Ireland have had operations in the country for over 20 years, illustrating the longevity, resilience and commitment of these companies to Ireland.

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Ireland as a global tech hub

Blockchain Ireland Week

May 2021
Blockchain Ireland Week brings entrepreneurs, developers and corporate leaders together over 3 days to build momentum and opportunities in blockchain technology across the island of Ireland.
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“2021 is going to be a significant year in the blockchain and crypto space in Ireland and globally. Blockchain Ireland is excited to work with the blockchain and crypto community in Ireland and shine a light on all the great work that is taking place”

Lory Kehoe - Managing Director, ConsenSys